11057, AMRITSAR EXPRES 03.59AGC 00.16NDLS 04.15Get
12721, NIZAMUDDIN EXP 03.15AGC 00.50NZM* 04.05Get
12861, LINK DAKSIN EXP 03.15AGC 00.50NZM* 04.05Get
12919, MALWA EXPRESS 03.35AGC 01.25NDLS 05.00Get
14009, PATALKOT EXP 04.20AGC 01.55DEE* 06.15Get
22181, JBP NZM EXPRES 03.05AGC 02.10NZM* 05.15Get
12447, U P SMPRK KRNTI 03.00AGC 02.25NZM* 05.25Get
22447, KURJ NZM EXP 03.00AGC 02.25NZM* 05.25Get
12615, GRAND TRUNK EXP 03.40AGC 02.50NDLS* 06.30Get
12779, GOA EXPRESS 03.15AGC 03.05NZM* 06.20Get
17305, NZM LINK EXP 03.15AGC 03.05NZM* 06.20Get
12621, TAMIL NADU EXP 03.12AGC 03.53NDLS* 07.05Get
12409, GONDWANA EXPRES 03.02AGC 04.18NZM* 07.20Get
12155, BHOPAL EXPRESS 03.10AGC 04.50NZM* 08.00Get
12723, A P EXP 03.42AGC 05.23NDLS* 09.05Get
12627, KARNATAKA EXP 03.45AGC 06.45NDLS* 10.30Get
14309, UJJAINI EXPRESS 04.02AGC 07.08NZM 11.10Get
12192, JBP NDLS SUP EX 04.15AGC 07.35NDLS* 11.50Get
12189, MAHAKAUSHAL EXP 03.17AGC 08.23NZM* 11.40Get
12715, SACHKHAND EXP 03.30AGC 08.40NDLS 12.10Get
12485, NED SGNR EXPRES 03.45AGC 09.15NDLS 13.00Get
12617, MANGALA LDWEEP 03.00AGC 10.15NZM* 13.15Get
12625, KERALA EXPRESS 03.20AGC 10.25NDLS* 13.45Get
18477, UTKAL EXPRESS 03.47AGC 10.53NZM 14.40Get
12807, SAMTA EXPRESS 03.00AGC 13.45NZM* 16.45Get
12641, TIRUKKURAL EXP 02.45AGC 15.15NZM* 18.00Get
13007, U ABHATOOFAN EX 04.20AGC 15.20NDLS 19.40Get
59386, PENCH VALLEY PASS - SLIP 03.37AGC 16.08NZM 19.45Get
18237, CHATTISGARH EXP 03.47AGC 16.08NZM 19.55Get
11077, JHELUM EXPRESS 03.33AGC 17.12NDLS 20.45Get
12687, DEHRADUN EXP 03.10AGC 17.30NZM 20.40Get
12137, PUNJAB MAIL 03.20AGC 17.55NDLS 21.15Get
16031, ANDAMAN EXPRESS 04.27AGC 18.33NDLS 23.00Get
Not on 19-Dec having Sleeper class19/12
22455, SNSI KLK SUP EX 03.20AGC 04.05NDLS 07.25
18215, DURG JAT EXPRES 03.10AGC 04.05NDLS 07.15
12405, GONDWANA EXPRES 03.02AGC 04.18NZM* 07.20
12549, DURG JAT SF EXP 03.53AGC 05.36DSJ 09.29
14317, IND DDN EXPRESS 04.47AGC 06.23NZM 11.10
19325, IND AMRITSAR EX 04.47AGC 06.23NZM 11.10
12421, NED ASR SUP EXP 03.45AGC 09.15NDLS 13.00
22457, NED UHL SF EXP 03.45AGC 09.15NDLS 13.00
12647, KONGU EXPRESS 02.50AGC 11.25NZM* 14.15
18507, VSKP ASR HKG EX 03.10AGC 11.30NDLS 14.40
12147, NIZAMUDDIN EXP 03.05AGC 14.05NZM* 17.10
12643, NIZAMUDDIN EXP 03.05AGC 14.05NZM* 17.10
12645, NIZAMUDDIN EXP 03.05AGC 14.05NZM* 17.10
12781, SWARNA JAYANTHI 03.05AGC 14.05NZM* 17.10
12803, SWARNAJAYANTI E 03.05AGC 14.05NZM* 17.10
16317, HIMSAGAR EXP 04.10AGC 17.30NDLS 21.40
16687, NAVYUG EXP 04.10AGC 17.30NDLS 21.40
16787, TEN JAMMU EXP 04.10AGC 17.30NDLS 21.40
11449, JAMMUTAWI EXP 04.27AGC 18.33NDLS 23.00
19307, CHANDIGARH EXP 04.10AGC 21.05NDLS 01.15
22403, PDY NDLS EXPRES 03.30AGC 23.50NDLS* 03.20
Trains not having Sleeper class19/12
12171, LTT HW AC SUP 02.50AGC 04.05NZM 06.55Y
14211, INTERCITY EXP 04.20AGC* 06.00NDLS* 10.20Y
12433, RAJDHANI EXP 02.28AGC 07.57NZM* 10.25
12611, NZM GARIB RATH 02.28AGC 07.57NZM* 10.25
22109, LTT NZM AC EXP 02.28AGC 07.57NZM* 10.25
51901, AGC DLI PASS 07.34AGC* 08.00NDLS 15.34Y
64953, AGC NZM MEMU 04.00AGC* 16.15NZM* 20.15Y
22687, SRE CDG LINK EXP 03.10AGC 17.30NZM 20.40Y
12279, TAJ EXPRESS 03.10AGC 18.55NZM* 22.05Y
12001, NDLS SHATABDI E 02.15AGC 21.15NDLS* 23.30Y
Legends for Seats Status
*First or Last Station
00Seat Available
WLWaiting List
RACReservation Against Cancellation
CDCharting Done
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NANot Available
SCStation stoppage canceled
TCTrain canceled
TDTrain Departed
YTrain runs on the day
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AGCAgra Cantt